Host: Scott Paulson

Readers: Melanie Peters and Gabriel Pan

Tech Support: Peter Flynn

Our host Scott just returned from five weeks in Europe (doing Paper Theatre research). He also had a chance to crawl into some catacombs and dungeons in various churches and castles, with the intention of enhancing some upcoming Ether Tale radio plays with dire, detailed descriptions of, among other things, dragons.

Jet-lagged, Scott Paulson reads some dragon stories in this Ether Tale episode, including “The Treasure of the Dragon” (from J. Munoz Escomez’ Fairy Tales from Spain).

Melanie Peters reads “Miss Cubbidge and the Dragon of Romance” (from Lord Dunsey’s The Book of Wonder).

Gabriel Pan reads “The Deliverers of Their Country” (from E. Nesbit’s The Book of Dragons).

Peter Flynn’s children, Liam and Daniel, both sent in new sci-fi/fantasy stories to be read (with Liam’s being read double-time to fit into this segment).