In this episode Doris share the events of her life, including some health challenges. She is joined by 2 guests.

Doris talks to Navy Veteran Courtney Kittrell, Author of “Unapologetically Favored”. “Confused, depressed, and afraid of a world that did not welcome her, Courtney focused on getting her life together and healing the wounds of her past.”

Then, Doris catches up with Ret.Navy Commander and Registered Nurse, Julie Hendrickson. Julie is the founder of W.A.G.(We Are Guardians), a animal and people healing sanctuary in Dehesa, California. She tells us about the latest happenings.

1 Doris catches up on her life
2 Unapologetically Favored
3 W.A.G.(We Are Guardians)
4 W.A.G.(We Are Guardians), cont.