Welcome to another rendition of This Week in Marketing!

Our guest today is Amanda Stuckey, Vice President of Marketing at Chef Works.

In segment one, we discuss the history of Chef Works and how they revolutionized the “chef uniform” industry.

In segment two we talk about how to make changes in industries that are slow to react to consumer demands. From customer service to brand messaging, a major change touches every aspect of the business. Resistance can happen, however, and we talk about how leadership needs to be involved.

Segment three is all about channel marketing. From PPC to traditional print, we cover tips for driving not only eyeballs but overall growth to your channels. Stories are the driving theme in this segment. Listen in for tips on finding the right storytelling techniques for your social channels! We also briefly discuss the video channel and ways to “listen” to the conversations on the web.

The final segment is all about creativity and data-driven decisions. We talk about risk-taking and “bringing home the bacon”.

Thanks for listening!