1 Li-Fi Powers Smart Cities
Peggy introduces Li-Fi to listeners, explaining the technology. She says PureLiFi has already come to market with a couple of products that leverage Li-Fi technology and can be installed alongside existing lighting infrastructures. With the market expected to reach $75.5 billion by 2023, there are a number of opportunities from industrial settings to public places in smart cities. She continues that if we give innovators a way, they will innovate beyond our expectations every time, but cautions that these devices have to talk to each other.
2 Founding Li-Fi
Harald Haas, professor, chair of mobile communications, University of Edinburgh, joins Peggy to talk about Li-Fi. His says we are moving into the fourth industrial revolution, and we will see environments that are enriched with hundreds of thousands of sensors, and we need a transmission system to send the data to a central processor and into a brain, which would be the cloud that would get all the information. In his view, we need to build a nervous system between the sensors and the brain. With Li-Fi, we have a very strong solution to enable a huge data pipe that is free and unregulated in order to build that nervous system, he explains.
3 Tech-preneur Insights
Technology and business consultant Craig Brown chats with Peggy about interoperability and the need for data to be shared in the places where it is authorized to be shared. He says there are a lot of buzzwords around the technology, but there are no standards. It is coming, but it is not here yet. Eventually, all of these capabilities will come together and ultimately they will work, as all of our past technological advances have done, he explains.