The guest today is Daniel Guillen, President and founder of Security Pacific financial Group. Daniel was born and raised in Linda Vista. He attended Hilltop High School in Chula Vista. His mother had a tax and immigration service in National City and his father was a technical engineer. As a child Daniel did help his mom in the office however his interest was not in business but in computer science. Like many young students he changed his major to psychology but had yet to look at financial planning or life coaching as a career. He met his wife while attending Hilltop High School and they have now been married for 16 years and have two sons. She assist him in the office and is in charge of finances for the home. Daniel prides himself in seeing retirement as more than “numbers’ but in making a commitment to his clients as well as being an effective communicator. In addition to financial planning Daniel will focus on seven principals of life, among those principals are stewardships for faith, faculties, fitness family and finances. He also focuses on ways to improve in your field. People have a fear of losing money or running out of money when they retire and Daniel walk you through a plan to not only help you financially but to reduce the fear of you money future.

1 Growing up in Linda Vista. / 2 College and finding the right major. / 3 Being a good steward /planning for retirement / 4 How to live retirement without fear. /Planning options