Soundoff 2
Everyone hates the U.S. in the Olympics
Miracle on Ice – the U.S. Women’s Hockey team
More cheering against the U.S. rather than for
You don’t need to ‘win’ the Olympics, it’s about the individual sports

What Is Your WHAT? Wednesday
The definition of success

Steve’s excited that his latest podcast interview included a rap intro just for him! He then poses the question to the Reinvention Radio Crew — ‘how would you define success?’ Mary shares about her daughters and evolving as her own person. Richard looks to whether or not he is happy. Steve recalls a quote from George Sheehan that sums it up for him… “Success is having the Courage, determination, and the will to become the person you were meant to be.”

How do you define success?

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Soul-full Sunday
The 46 days of Lent Explained

In this episode of Soul-full Sunday Mary explains Lent as being the 46 days leading up to Easter. This year Ash Wednesday fell on Valentine’s Day and Easter falls on April Fool’s Day. She also answers your burning questions around lent. Questions like where they get the ashes they use for Ash Wednesday and what are you giving up for lent? The latest in drive by ashes. Is Lent really the original 40-day challenge?

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New Media Minute
A look at podcast distribution services

Steve, Mary, Richard, and Wade discuss podcast distribution services such as Spotify. Can anyone really compete with iTunes for podcasting?

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