The Internet of Skills
Peggy defines and shares potential applications of the Internet of Skills in the business world. She gives examples of the Internet of Skills, including cases in healthcare, industrial, and more. She talks about the pros and cons of the Internet of Skills including how it will change existing jobs and the socioeconomic impact.
She also poses the questions:

• Can the Internet of Skills widen the digital divide?

• How will on-demand access to expertise change the fabric of society?

• How can we as a society ease the transition to the Internet of Skills?

Radio Regulations
Peggy and Colin Thomson, head of infrastructure, Access Partnership, discuss how to set international radio regulations. He explains it is important to set an international framework and the WRC (World Radiocommunication Conference) can help come to the consensus on the best way to use limited resources.
They also discuss:

• 5G: While it means different things to different people, it generally provides always-on connectivity anywhere. He explains what will be needed today and in the future.

• How technology has evolved and how people’s expectations are evolving. He discusses how there is a role for different types of connectivity.

• How different radio frequencies carry different types of information and that there isn’t a one-size fits all solution.

Leadership and Life Hacks
Peggy and Alyssa Rapp, CEO, Surgical Solutions and author of Leadership and Life Hacks: Insights from a Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, and Executive, examine how to lead and motivate employees and general life hacks. Rapp doesn’t believe in cutting corners but does encourage blasting through walls. She also shares that breaking bread matters and looking people in the eye over a meal also matters.
They also discuss:

• Life hacks and how to achieve balance.

• Fear management and the attempt for success.

• How impact drives motivation.

1 The Internet of Skills
2 Radio Regulations
3 Leadership and Life Hacks