1 Open Source, Inner Source
Open source. Inner source. How do the two compare? Peggy Smedley discusses the two. She says some smaller open-source projects do not do thorough security vetting and she asks: what if shared responsibility is keeping us from really being diligent about security? She continues that inner source has benefits such as adding transparency and making code better. In the end, she explains we need to create an open culture in which employees are invited to take part in processes and decisions.
2 Open Source: IoT Foundation
Sam George, director of Azure IoT, Microsoft, joins Peggy once again, this time to talk open source. He shares that one of the fundamental truths of the IoT (Internet of Things) is that it will transform virtually every market and business segment on the planet. Further, he says that open source is foundational for the IoT. He also talks security, standards, edge computing, digital twins, and more
3 Tips for Entrepreneurs
Peggy welcomes Brian Marcel, founder and chairman, Intl. Bar Code System Group and author, to the show to discuss his book and how it is a manual for entrepreneurs who want to change the world. He explains that in this day of fast moving technology, you have to keep changing your business model on a fairly regular basis—and if you want to get to the next level, you have to find the next big trend.