This show focuses on over 14 years of experiences in journalism and marketing. Daniela Porter is the co-producer of a documentary MAID IN AMERICA. She was born in Chile and had no intentions of coming to work or live in the United States. Her first career choice was to be a police officer but her mom said no to that choice. In Chile she attended Catholic School and had what would be seeing as an ideal life. In school she was a cheer leader and had a successful education experience. Daniela became interested in Holistic medicine when her young sister developed cancer. She worked Her mother had moved to the United States and asked Daniela to come and join her in UT. She has worked for Telemundo, Her Emmy award was for a documentary she received as a student about sex trafficking in the border region. San Diego is eighth in the nation when it comes to sex traffic. They did get the Mexican government to ask for documentation when walking across the border to help control those crossing to solicit sex. Currently she has a film at the Latino Film festival titled Maid in America which focuses on what women from other countries leave behind when hey come to work as Maid’s and house keepers. She not only interviewed the women that came here to work but the son of one of the women who spent the largest part of his life working in the United States. The Latino Film Festival takes place March 15-25.

1 Growing up in Chile 2 / Working at Telemundo/ attending college in the U. S. / 3 Sex trafficking and making a documentary / 4 Latino film festival Being a personal development Coach.