Segment 1
Guest: Shaun Gold

Shaun Gold, also known as “the nightlife Ninja,” is an out-of-the-box brand marketer and event accelerator, recognized for his non-traditional strategies to promote and enhance nightlife, superstar performances, media events, and luxury product launches.

In addition to being an author of four books including the #1 Amazon Best Sellers, “Promoter Mind Hustler Heart,” and “Better Be U,” Gold is recognized for his expertise in creating value and cross-pollination through the cultural drift of the new connection economy.

Sought-after by successful startups and established brands for his entrepreneurial edge and compelling ideas on how businesses should reach their target audiences, Gold’s knowledge tool kit cuts through conventional wisdom to identify and integrate approaches that help define brand positioning and consumer experiences.

He is an invited college lecturer and speaker on the subjects of marketing that matters, millennial behavior, and the changing world of disruptive acceleration.

Segment 2
Guest Names:Christina Hepburn and Stephanie Allen

‘T’ Christina Hepburn
‘T’ of T&A is the jokester of this duo, but equally curious about the world and how a developed sexuality can center us as humans. She likes everyone to enjoy themselves, and when in the face of incredible awkwardness, T likes to use big words to analyze the situation!
A graduate of Columbia University, she is still paying her loans. She was the first undergrad selected to direct a graduate production of The Vagina Monologues, which sold out to an audience of 1500, and received a standing ovation. She is an actress and comedian who performs stand-up regularly at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, and is Co-Creator and Co-Star of the web series ‘Auto Correct F*ck You’ (ACFU). T hopes she didn’t peak early. …But she has been touching her genitals…since she was born.

‘A’ Stephanie Allen
‘A’ is the sage of this dynamic collaboration. She has her B.S. in Psychology and spent seven years as a sensual bodyworker mastering the art of erotic massage and male-female connection. Her work centers around sensuality, femininity, and male-female polarity and how to achieve equality as men and women while maintaining the polarity that creates an electric connection. She studies screenwriting and acting and holds an honored position as a working finalist in the esteemed Actor’s Studio. She also dances Argentine Tango, Salsa, Bachata and speaks pretty fluent french.

1 Shaun Gold
2 Shaun Gold
3 Christina Hepburn and Stephanie Allen
4 Christina Hepburn and Stephanie Allen