1 A Plan for Transportation
Peggy talks about what the U.S. Dept. of Transportation has in store this year with the introduction of new Secretary, Elaine Chao. Peggy dives into its newly proposed 5-year plan, which is set to focus on reducing distracted driving, decongesting roads, lowering carbon emissions, and revitalizing highway infrastructure.
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2 A Checkup for Machinery
Ray Thomas, vice president of sales, MSI, discusses how the IoT (Internet of Things) will be instrumental in alerting users of any needed maintenance or fixes. He says the use of IoT within field service has only improved the relationship among OEMs (original-equipment manufacturers), dealers, and operators who can share realtime data to ensure machines are running smoothly.
3 A New View of Construction
Daniel Castro, professor and chair, School of Building Construction, Georgia Tech, explains how the use of architectural construction solutions and BIM (building information modeling) is leaning more toward contractors and owners, who are leveraging them for proactive purposes, as opposed to reactive. He says education and the adoption of new technology will lead to a renewed interest for careers in construction from a new generation.
4 A Vision for Autonomy
Peggy ends the show by taking a look at recent patents for autonomous vehicles from companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon. She envisions how this new transportation of people and goods will eventually make its way to the home and the jobsite, with multiple machines and devices working as one to accomplish tasks.