Today’s four guest are Dr. Max Branscom Professor of Journalism and adviser to Americans #w ranked collegiate newspaper. Mirella Lopez, Editor-in-chief. Alyssa Pajarilio, Viewpoints Editor, sex columnist and Christopher Garcia former News Editor and now a journalism student at CSU Long Beach. The discussion will focus on what it takes to put together a student newspaper. The Sun is the newspaper for Southwestern College. All four guest have received recognition for their columns. Some topics are insightful while others are meant to cause discussions . In 2016 SWC student won more than 300 team and individual awards. This program is developing future journalism leaders. Southwestern college has a 70% Latino populations with students living and working on both sides of the international border.

1 How to determine topics of interest to the SWC community
2 Politics and fear in this era. What makes this journalism dept unique?
3 Transgender, sexual health and other topics that are of interest to students
4 The future of journalism in a multi-cultural society