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What Is Your WHAT? Wednesday
The Pinnacle

In this episode Steve discusses how to design your ideal life. The Pinnacle is living at the peak of your existence. Think about the moment you wake up and decide how you will face the day. You have the ability to create the life you want and live at the Pinnacle.

When is the last time you sat down and outlined your life? What would you be doing if you could design your life?

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Soul-full Sunday
Renew, Rejoice, Rejuvenate

While Mary is off on her own retreat Steve, Richard, and Wade discuss the importance of recharging your life. You can only go at full speed for so long before it begins to impact your productivity and quality of life. It’s essential to take time to step back and renew — recharge your batteries, if you will.

There are lots of ways to recharge. Some people, like Richard, take it in small doses. Others, like Mary, need to totally check out.

How do you recharge your life?

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Move It Forward Monday
Firmness & Flexibility

Freedom = Firmness + Flexibility

The Prize = Persistence + Patience

Richard explains there are times to be harder on ourselves and times to be gentler on ourselves. And there are times when persistence pays off and when patience pays off. How do you distinguish between the two?

Steve shares the process he goes through when deciding to stay the course or not. How do you know what to do?

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2 What Is Your WHAT? Wednesday
3 Soul-full Sunday
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