On his inaugural show, R.J. Kelly, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Wealth Legacy Group, Inc. discusses the broad outline of future topics he will address on The Wealth Building Hour.  He also discusses the importance of a Wealth Legacy Assessment™, which is a tool that R. J. has developed to provide a roadmap to ensure that all aspects of wealth (including financial, relational, mental, emotional, physical, family and spiritual wealth) is protected through all stages of the business life cycle. Hear from Brian Mahoney, who is the in-house counsel of Wealth legacy Group, concerning several estate planning issues and strategies for titling assets.  Hear from Kathy Camper, who is the Office Manager of Wealth Legacy Group as they discuss philanthropic aspects of planning and the non-profit, The Center for Wealth & Legacy. The Center hosts five events a year, as well as provides a mentoring program for those wishing to grow in both their personal and professional skills. You can learn more about Wealth Legacy Group at its website: www.wealthlegacygroup.com or call (800) 975-5355. The non-profit website is: www.wealthlegacycenter.org.