1 There's Something I Need to Tell You
Laura talks about her Hashimoto's Disease and the choice she made when she broke the news of her diagnosis to her loved ones. We hear perspectives from the patient and the friend.
2 You Are Not Alone
Laura talks about a fear experienced by many ill patients- being abandoned. We debunk those fears, while embracing how this is a common fear.
3 Silver Linings
Laura walks us down a path for growth. Things will not remain the same; they can't. Going at 100mph will no longer be an option but there are things Laura is already learning about herself. We talk authenticity and more.
4 It's You, Not Me
As the people receiving the news, it's easy to get lost in your own feelings and not know how to show support. You might even feel selfish for having such strong emotions about a situation that isn't your own. Laura talks us through this unknown territory.