1 The Tell-All on Telematics
Peggy begins the show by discussing how new regulatory compliances are driving the growing demand for vehicle telematics solutions like GPS (global positioning system), mobile asset tracking, and fleet management. She says the ability to document and prevent driver safety and performance issues creates a new level of transparency and accountability that was not there before.
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2 Smart City Check-In
Aaron Attebery, smart city solutions lead, Black & Veatch, says the smart-city strategic directions report enables major cities to assess and compare with others on their progress toward adopting IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. He explains although cities may have great ideas for innovation, they are inexperienced and face budget restraints that can hinder initiatives.
3 New Data Onsite
David Gaw, CEO, Sensera Systems, says remote-sensing solutions on the jobsite are adding more value for contractors, and says the introduction of drones will complement onsite cameras and improve the flow of data. He explains that while many sites are using such solutions, awareness is still low, and that in an effort to create more simplistic products and services, this will only further hinder adoption.
4 One Fleet Forward
Peggy advocates for improved safety features in fleet systems to better secure trucks and equipment, and says the hacking of enterprise vehicles can open the door to more problems. She highlights a new research project enabling a solution to “talk” to the vehicle, “speak” its language, and perform analysis that will prevent delays or stolen data.