Soundoff #2

Race in America
Isle of Mujeres residents are sly as a fox
Look there’s a gringa!
When it goes from personal to systemic

What Is Your WHAT?
Self Actualization

A review of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs leads us to a state of existence called Self-Actualization.

Discussion among Steve and the RR Crew takes a look at whether or not you can truly move from one level to the next without achieving the prior level. So can you get to the Safety level without meeting the Physiological; can you reach Love/Belonging before satisfying Physiological and Safety, etc? Maslow posited that you must achieve the first four levels of needs before reaching Self-Actualization.

Steve, as referenced in his book What Is Your WHAT? Discover The One Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do, says the quality of your life is equally affected by the each of the other levels. In the book he demonstrates his ideology of The Pinnacle Pyramid as compared to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

What does self actualization look like to you?

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Soul-full Sunday
Catabolic vs Anabolic

Kris “KC” Carter joins the RR Crew as they tackle cultivating a rich interior in your life so you know where to go when life hits you sideways. More specifically they examine catabolic and anabolic reactions to situations. Mary correlates the anabolic approach to tai chai. And the catabolic approach to more like “Get ‘er done!”

Mary explains the context in which she is using the term catabolic and anabolic. And she also explains her mantra to KC… Stay Calm. Be Kind. Have Patience. All Good.


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Move It Forward Monday
Are Your Decisions Making You or Breaking You?

Kris “KC” Carter joins Richard and the RR Crew to discuss how making decisions can either make you or break you.

What do you think was a decision in your life that broke you vs made you and what did you do about it?

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