01 The Billion Dollar Caper
For two years, they watched and waited for opportunities to siphon money. Peggy examines how the banks were hacked for a billion dollars, and explains what needs to be done to prevent it happening again.
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02 Cyber Warfare
Jim Drylie, Ph.D., executive director School of Criminal Justice & Public Administration College of Business & Public Management, Kean University, says executives are ignoring the problem of cyber security, and if they continue to do so the results will be catastrophic.
03 Principles of Cyber Security
Brian Zaugg, director of information security, Authentic8 Inc., explains the architectural principles underlying cyber security, and the practical risks presented my M2M and IoT.
04 Mobile Malware and BYOD
BYOD (bring your own device) offers many conveniences to company employees, but it also presents risks to company networks. Peggy explores how sensitive information can be obtained through loss, theft, and malware.