01 Sochi Tech and Aging-in-Place

Peggy updates listeners about the Sochi 2014 Olympic winter games app called “Wow.” She will also

highlight the first-ever self-learning eldercare solution to facilitate senior independence.


Innovation in the Connected Healthcare

David O’Reilly, Chief Product Officer of Proteus Digital Health will discuss how his company is integrating

medicines that treat chronic conditions with mobile technology in a new and innovative way.

http:// www.proteus.com/

03 Growing the Connected Healthcare Space

Find out how MD Revolution is revolutionizing healthcare through the power of digital health with

Camille Saltman, Chief Business Officer for MD Revolution.

http:// www.mdrevolution.com/

04 Continuing the Discussion on Security

Terry Kurzynski, Founder and Senior Partner for HALOCK Security Labs returns to tell listeners about how

consumer information can be at risk and the growing problem it is causing for M2M.

http:// www. Halock.com