Have you ever noticed that there are patterns in your life that continue to show up over and over again? It’s like you escape it once and turn around there you are in the same situation but with different people? This episode Vidya Mayani and I, explain how these types of situations unfolded for us, what they look like, and how we got started on shifting the way we view life.

Do you ever feel like you are not enough or you are not sure what it looks like to love yourself? Don’t worry, it is not just you! Hear what it sounds like when your inner critic takes the wheel and has nothing nice to say. There is hope!

Listen in, and while your story might not be exactly as ours, where can you hear yourself in what is shared?

1 Where It Shows Up In Every Day Life
2 Listen In and Notice - Put Yourself First
3 How Can You Implement Tiny Changes?
4 Hold Yourself With Compassion - Your Thoughts Are Not Just Your Own