1 MLB Preview:
Former Major League Baseball player and now analyst for Fox Sports San Diego, Mark Sweeney helps preview the upcoming 2015 season and responses to A-Rod’s letter to the fans.
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2 NBA Trade Deadline:
The NBA Trade Deadline has come and gone and Danny Thompson, host of NBA Fast Court Press Radio tells us the winners and losers and what lies ahead for Chris Bosh who’s dealing with health issues.
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3 Fight of the Century:
Is it really going down? Even with the announcement that Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather are signed to fight in May, Publisher Tommy Jennings and Promoter Gabriel Barron analyze what may or may not happen and why.
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4 Women of Change:
Two of the most influential women in San Diego, Judith Habert & Melissa Cizauskas, stop by to share their journey and provide some motivational thoughts on how women are making their mark in business.
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