01 Shocking Statistics
Peggy delivers some bad news, saying there was an 8% increase in car crashes related to deaths, which indicates the largest year-over-year percent increase in 50 years. She says the young aren’t the only ones to blame—we are all to blame.
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02 AT&T’s Innovative Center
Brian Greaves, director product development IoT solutions, AT&T, says there is a huge push to automate a lot of the services in the connected car, and AT&T is looking to work closely with automotive manufacturers. He says it created an innovation center to work with partners to collaborate on new connected-car services coming to market.

03 Chevy Focuses on the Customer
Ara Eckel, assistant marketing and advertising manager, Chevrolet, says the company is bringing in an interface customers want with hands-free texting. He says part of putting the customer at the center of what you do in a family sedan is to focus on both the driver and the family.

04 INRIX Provides Standards
Steve Banfield, CMO and head of product, INRIX, a company that gathers data from cars and fleets, says all of the data and historical knowledge the company has it pours into analytic tools for smart cities, to provide data to the public sector. He says the company provides a standard set of APIs (application programming interfaces), but each OEM (original-equipment manufacturer) has unique requirements.