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What Is Your WHAT? Wednesday
The Sufficiency Theory

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not.
Remember that what you now have was once among
the things you only hoped for.

Steve and the RR Crew are joined by Russ Ruffino to discuss what Steve calls, The Sufficiency Theory. That is the principle of attaining satisfaction, peace, and contentment by minimizing material desires and the effect of outside influences. So at what point do you say you really have enough?

Is there now something you have in your life that 10-15 years ago could only dream of having?

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Soul-full Sunday
Trust Yourself More

Mary and the crew along with guest, Russ Ruffino, talk about the importance of trusting yourself more than anyone else. The question to Mary becomes whether or not we have the ability to channel or do we have all the answers?

Your interior is bigger than anyone or anything on the exterior. Don’t get mired in the details.

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Move It Forward Monday
Less Is More

When is enough enough? Richard has the crew along with guest, Russ Ruffino, pondering the question. Was there a time in your life when you saw in hindsight dialing it back was probably better than striving for more?

You need to stop spending so much time getting ready to get ready. Just jump!

What can you take a leap of faith on today to just jump in and do it?

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2 What Is Your WHAT? Wednesday
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