1 Gregg Levoy, author and speaker. on his book Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion. Gregg shares the definition of passion and gives great tips and tools on how coaches can support their clients in ringing passion to every aspect of their lives
2 Gregg Levoy addresses the fears that people have around taking a step and following their passions, and shares about incremental steps you can take; and how to living passionately throughout the day.
3 Sheila Heen, founder of the Triad Consulting Group & lecturer on law at Harvard Law School, gives coaches ideas on how to support their organizational clients in giving and receiving effective feedback.
4 Sheila Heen explains that the focus when working with business leaders as clients is to support them around modeling how to give constructive feedback in ways that the employee can best receive it and use it to improve their and the organization's productivity and effectiveness.