Host, Nina Woodard, Past President, San Diego Society for Human Resource Management

Guest, Stuart Furman, Esq., Author, Attorney

Southern California Legal Center, Inc.

O) 877-820-3335

01 Introduction of Guest and Overview
This week, host Nina Woodard and guest, Stuart Furman, discuss the increasingly important issue of Elder Care. Furman, a childhood violinist and attorney, has written a book on the subject entitled Eldercare Ready. In his law practice, he works with clients helping them as they move into the latter phases of their lives and need extensive assistance to meet day to day life activities. He and his wife, Jayne, had three of their parents dependent on them at the same time and had them placed in assisted living or in their home. His book, Elder Care Ready, shares the importance of planning in taking care of parents or relatives. In his book, he shares his personal journey and then from the attorney’s perspective, those legal documents and activities that require attention before the individual gets too far along in their personal journey toward life’s end.
02 Don’t Fear Elder Care, Just be Prepared for It!
Stuart compares the process of preparing for elder care to preparing for a long trip. It’s always better to be ready for an emergency room trip in the middle of the night as opposed to having it sneak up on you. His book helps build that readiness and preparedness. He discusses, from his own personal journey, some of the issues that are necessary to address. He also brings up the Elder Care Packet, a 185 page collection of documents that he prepared as a crash course on the subject.
03 Impacts of Elder Care on Employers
Stuart and Nina discuss the impacts of Elder Care on employers and small businesses as employees are required to take time and brain power to deal with their particular elder care needs. He cites recent studies that indicate about $2,100 per employee in lost productivity for each employee involved in an elder care scenario. He touches on all the circumstances that impact time and draw on employee brain power and energy. Addressing the need for emergency preparedness, he shares his story about the time his parents had to be evacuated from their assisted living units in a fire scenario.
04 Mitigating Risk
Stuart addresses the risk management and home risk assessment for mitigating the risk of falling or medicine mismanagement that are the primary critical elements that lead to hospitalization for the elderly.
His tools are:
The Eldercare Ready Book – the context and the story
The Eldercare Ready Pack – the implementations tools 185 forms and tools
The Eldercare Ready Journal – His Journal and discussion board for resources
and communicating with others in similar situations.
The Eldercare Ready Book is available on line $12.95 and the pack is available from Stuart directly along
with the book for $50.00.