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1 NFL Offseason Moves:
ESPN Analyst Jim Trotter breaks down the recent off season moves in the NFL including the recent verdict surrounding Adrian Peterson, former running back Reggie Bush and the upcoming Free Agency period.
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2 NBA News & Notes:
Former NBA now Executive Director of Supreme Court Basketball & Founder Zack Jones sizes up the recent injuries to superstar Derek Rose and if the Kevin Durant can stay healthy enough to help the Thunder along with the recent drama in Dallas.
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3 Valentine’s Day fallout and 50 Shades of Grey:
Our relationship & Dating Coach DeAnna Lorraine returns to share some Valentine’s Day horror stories. She’s joined by Halena Nguyen & Xi Jin to reflect on the movie “50 Shades of Grey” with our host.
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4 Save Our Bolts:
The Save Our Bolts Team of Jesse Arroyo, Dan McClellian & Dave Booga Peters share their thoughts on the possible relocation of the San Diego Chargers and the ripple effect it would have on the San Diego community.
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