1 New Backseat Drivers
Peggy talks about the rise of UBI (usage-based insurance), which allows telematics and insurance companies to access driver data that can help determine individual risk and subsequently create personalized policies for each driver. She says although customer acceptance and privacy are still hindering total UBI adoption, good drivers as well as millennials may be more open to the idea of this proposition as a means to monitor harsh breaking and excessive acceleration.
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2 Auto Data Drives On
Gary Tucker, CEO, Zubie, talks about how his company is working to improve the relationship between the dealer and the customer when it comes to keeping track of fleets and potential diagnostic problems. He explains how the transparency of automotive information that is available changes the ability to make decisions and discusses new solutions aimed at monitoring the driving progress of the elderly and teens.
3 Servers to the World
Aaron Hillegass, founder and CEO, The Big Nerd Ranch, acknowledges that although many software companies are focused on tech solutions for developing nations, improving collaboration, and meeting the demands of the IoT, security should remain at the top of the list. He explains that two-way connections in servers can be available to millions of people and servers must be able to keep running and not fall behind despite that ever-growing number.
4 Sharing the Road
Peggy looks at new research regarding autonomous vehicles that shows human monitoring is needed to keep an eye on disengagement errors. To address the problem, Peggy says technology companies and governments need to work together to provide better ways that smart cars can interact with surrounding environments and infrastructure.