In this episode I interview Sabrina Pratt, the founding owner and artistic director of The Central Coast Comedy Theater in San Luis Obispo. She is a clairvoyant psychic medium and a comedian, a teacher, writer, director and actor. Sabrina is co-host of the podcast Ignite Her Fire and an active, entrepreneurial woman building and living the life of her wildest dreams.

Have you ever been in that place where life feels like it keeps happening TO you? That you are constantly fighting the urge to just quit everything because you aren’t happy and desire to find something more??? Have you ever felt like you want things to change but you don’t know how you could make that even happen? Are you ready to take a look around?

Sabrina shares her experience in practicing “admitting possibility to invite the way”. As East Coast transplants we share about moving across country without a clear understanding of HOW we were going to make it all happen and what we found along the way.

SOOOO many great gems are packed in this podcast listen in to find out more!

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