FTC and Security

Peggy talks about security and privacy, narrowing in on FTC (Federal Trade Commission) settlements. She also discusses programs that the FTC has to educate consumers about security and privacy. She says transparency really matters when it comes to how and why we use other people’s information—and that no matter what business you are in, you must keep data safe. Further, she stresses that manufacturers need to step up and do their role to secure devices.

She also discusses:

• Lessons learned from a number of recent FTC settlements.

• How data is currency in today’s society.

• Key takeaways that enterprises can learn from the data breaches in 2019.


Plastics: Benefits and Challenges

Peggy and Joseph Greene, professor, California State University at Chico, talk about the benefits and challenges of using plastics. He says plastics take 100-200 years to biodegrade and it is often being discarded hazardously. There are two big ways to fix the problem: use material that can biodegrade and change the way we view things as a society. He suggests to change behavior first, then new materials can help.

They also discuss:

• How society can change the way they view things.

• Why product engineers should consider using sustainable materials in their products.

• The need for the government to create best practices and regulations for sustainability to help businesses.


Family Values

Peggy and Dennis Jaffe, author, Borrowed From Your Grandchildren: The Evolution of 100-Year Family Enterprises, talk about family-owned businesses. He says there are two things that make a family business special—and that the next generation can be a resource to develop our companies.

They also discusses:

• What keeps a family-owned business alive and effective.

• The impact of technology empowering the next generation.

• How companies invest profits in educating the next generation.


1 FTC and Security
2 Plastics: Benefits and Challenges
3 Family Values