1 Will Automation Cause a Slowdown?
Peggy Smedley explains that the industry is calling for a slowdown and that automation will allow workers to focus on more interesting and rewarding aspects of their jobs. She says some big names have come out in favor of a robot tax to fund human services and balance out income inequality—which could essentially slow innovation down. She adds that automation is going to force us to change the way we tax in the years to come, which could be part of an overarching plan to manage the ripple effects of an automation age.
2 AI and the Transformation of Food
Peggy and Jason Cohen, founder and CEO, Analytical Flavor Systems, talk about the impact of AI (artificial intelligence) on the food industry. He says 3D printing is making it easier to do small-scale manufacturing and that while AI won’t necessarily come in and solve all of our problems, there are very specific problems that AI will make a big impact on. Finally, he is a self-proclaimed blockchain skeptic, but does say that if blockchain has done anything well, it has made boring backoffice work exciting.
3 The Future of Field Service
Peggy and Arka Dhar, cofounder, Zinier, talk about how field service is at an inflection point, where manual processes need to become more predictive. He says AI (artificial intelligence) and the IoT (Internet of Things) have been reduced to buzzwords, but they are incredible technologies. The two also dive into the topic of how the workforce is changing, becoming more liquid and blended—and how technology will play an even more important role with this new, emerging workforce.