1 The Intersection of 5G and Cloud
Edge computing results in faster response time and more optimal use of the network, says Peggy. In conjunction, 5G is set to grow exponentially. Autonomous vehicles will have a big influence that are going to benefit from the intersection of 5G and fog computing trends. She explains that the users’ experiences need to be consistent no matter what their connection are like. She sums it up that 5G will need to work hand-in-hand with fog computing.
2 Dell Boomi Talks Business Value
Peggy is joined in the studio by Michael Morton, chief technology officer, Dell Boomi. He explains how everyone wants to talk about the device and device data, but the one thing “we” have learned is to stop talking about technology. Everyone is anxious to be the geek, but we should have the conversation about the business value achieved from the data coming from devices. He says it is incredible how IT-driven construction companies are becoming, as one example. Morton says it needs to be noninvasive on a person, explaining there will be gateways on a jobsite. He adds there are so many pieces that come together and it is one of the challenges for businesses to put all of these pieces together.
3 Cloud, Fog, and Mist
Joshua Peschel, assistant professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, Iowa State University, joins Peggy once again to talk about the cloud, fog, and mist. He explains that mist gives us strength in numbers—and it takes us out as far as you can possibly go. The win is you can deal with a lot of the low data rates and low-power consumption needs. It is really important for agriculture systems and studying climate dynamics in Alaska, for example, he says.