Andrea Isaacs, is the creator of EnneaMotion, the EQ Quiz and Somatic Focusing, the unique coaching system she created in 1994. She is a speaker, trainer and a coaches’ coach. She is known for her innovative work bridging the Enneagram, emotional intelligence, somatic work, and the neuroscience of change. She has helped thousands of coaches, therapists and conscious business leaders around the world reach new levels of personal and professional growth.

Her system is fast, life-changing and long-lasting. She used it to transform her own painful shyness into the confidence to speak on stages to thousands of people. Her Emotional Mastery program challenges the idea that change is difficult and slow. Her paradigm-shattering programs defy conventional logic and are urgently needed to adapt to the rapid change going on in our society.

Her clients have said: “For the first time, I believe my opinions matter and that I matter,” and “My inner critic has softened, and when criticized, I maintain a deep acceptance of myself and others.”

She’s creating a team of coaches who bring “Emotional Mastery for Leaders” to highly functional and impactful leaders so they can make an even greater impact in the world.

Ignite my EQ

This is a great way to build confidence, stand up for yourself, have ease even with challenging people and situations and shift limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs. Besides offering great insight into your gifts, challenges and what to do about them, it’s a great first step for anyone who want to be trained in my modality.