Felix Taverna talks with famed Basketball Coach Dr. John Miller.
Starting in the early 1970s Coach John Miller began to use basketball as a platform for developing young players and future leaders. Little could he have known that his two sons, Sean and Archie Miller, and their cousin, John Calipari, would grow up to lead historic basketball programs to national prominence. And over his career, he also inspired countless other young players, who would grow up to become doctors, lawyers, and prominent CEOs. At his retirement in 2005, Coach Miller’s record stood at 657–280 over his thirty-five-year career, making him one of the winningest coaches in high school basketball history.

Today, Coach Miller’s legacy extends from the tiny hamlet of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, to some of the most famous sporting venues in America. He is a legend in the sport, praised by greats such as Kobe Bryant, Thad Matta, Bucky Waters, and Jamie Dixon.