Teaching our Kids about Cybersecurity

At what age do we need to start talking to our kids about cybersecurity? Peggy discusses. She says criminals are targeting our young children and 82% of companies report a shortage of cybersecurity skills at their companies.

She also discusses:

• If schools should be teaching cybersecurity best practices.

• How many children were the victim of identity theft in 2017.

• A book for children about cybersecurity heroes.


MultiTech: 50 Years of Legacy

Peggy and Matt Sharma, head of strategic alliances, MultiTech, talk about how his father built something from nothing as an immigrant and how he would be a big fan of the new technology that exists today. They also reminisce about how the company is celebrating 50 years and how technology is evolving.

They also discuss:

• The new version of its conduit and how the company is horizontally vertical.

• How it is a safe company to do business with, which is so important today.

• How to be innovative today with CBRS and private LTE.


Lights Out Factories

Peggy and Joe Barkai, chair, vehicle internet of things program committee, Society of Automotive Engineers, discuss Industry 4.0 in manufacturing. He says we were going too fast with Industry 4.0 in manufacturing, but now we need to recalibrate. Also, the main cause of disappointment were because people were looking at IoT in manufacturing from a technology point of view.

They also discuss:

• Where the value lies.

• How to create intelligent factories.

• What’s coming in the future.


1 Teaching our Kids about Cybersecurity
2 MultiTech: 50 Years of Legacy
3 Lights Out Factories