There are two guests, Health Fox, Director of the La Jolla Historical Society, and Rebecca Morales, co creator of the current exhibit. The exhibit is titled “In Plain Sight, Mexican/Chicano stories for San Diego”. Heath Fox grew up on the East Coast and like other San Diegans came to San Diego while in the military, and has remained here ever since. Rebecca Morales was born and raised in La Jolla. Rebecca attend Berkeley, MIT and has written several books on Latinos. One of their goals was to view history not just in the geographic context of La Jolla, but with events from the past. The exhibit is based on five core stories, including Chicano Park, Pottery Canyon, the Lemon Grove incident, Mexican Americans and Tennis, and Dr. Ramon Ruiz (a war hero as well as a professor at UCSD). In my opinion the story of Pottery Canyon should be know by every San Diegan. The history of the Kiln that was brought from Mexico to the U,S. should be preserved. The story about Priscilla Yanez is of special value because the stories of Latinas serving as spies is for all intent and purposes has not been told until this exhibit.

1 Who are Heath Fox and Rebecca Morales. 2 / How did this exhibit come about. 3 / Response from the La Jolla Community as well as the greater San Diego community. 4 / Future exhibits focusing on Latinos