Guest 1: Dr. Shawn C. Jones is a board-certified otolaryngologist with 20 years of experience in medicine and a thriving ENT practice in Paducah, Kentucky. He is also an author, consultant, and speaker on the topic of burnout among physicians and medical school students.

After experiencing burnout himself early in his medical career that left him desensitized to others and disconnected from his own heart, Dr. Jones felt called to address the problem of burnout in medicine. In his book Finding Heart in Art: A Surgeon’s Renaissance Approach to Healing Modern Medical Burn out, he now shares his story along with a message of resilience and hope to those struggling with burnout and advocates for system-wide changes to prevent burnout on an organizational level.

Dr. Jones also offers a free burnout evaluation where doctors can receive immediate feedback regarding their relative risk of burnout at

Guest 2: Chris Megison is a social entrepreneur, co-founder and President and CEO of Solutions for Change. Since 1993 Chris has designed and led numerous free market social purpose initiatives and innovations that have solved homelessness permanently for over 4,500 people. His trademark impact is his “get up, suit up and show up” model of leadership in which he leads from the front, a style of servant leadership that he learned as a U.S. Marine.

His approach is to create simple, clear and compelling systemic redesign discussion points and then move the community and leadership capital needed to bring those ideas to life. These shifts have caused community-wide tipping points in northern San Diego bringing in world leaders (Condoleezza Rice, Rudy Giuliani, Laura Bush and Ben Carson) who have then keynoted about the impact of Solutions for Change.

A servant warrior up against what he describes as a hidden system within the fabric of our human-service culture that he calls “The Churn”, Chris fundamentally rejects the notion that the best America can do for its poor and homeless is to subsidize their existence.

Chris’ efforts over two decades have resulted in thousands of once homeless people who have transformed their lives. Many now run businesses, lead companies, manage households and are seen as leaders themselves, serving for the sake of others everywhere. Along the way Chris has acquired over 200,000 sf of real estate, spread across multiple cities, which he uses for his interconnected network of resources needed to rebuild lives. Chris is credited with fundraising over $150,000,000.

His award winning projects include:

The Solutions University – A first of its kind workforce training and leadership development program that ends dependency and solves homelessness permanently by equipping people with the skills, knowledge and resources needed to get decent jobs and housing. This approach has reduced welfare costs by over $50,000,000 and reduced the future cost burden on society by an estimated $120,000,000

A multi-million dollar social purpose joint venture with southern California’s largest daily newspapers. The venture put over 2000 once homeless unemployed men into full time jobs and converted a government dependent nonprofit into a thriving social enterprise

Solutions Farms – The largest commercial aquaponics farming operation in California and one of the largest nonprofit AP farms in the country. Chris won a regional innovation grant competition for $1,000,000 to scale the farm on a regional basis

A $55,000,000 social enterprise initiative (now 65% of the way complete) aimed at delivering permanent solutions to hundreds of families and positioning the organization for scale nationwide.

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1 Dr. Shawn C. Jones
2 Chris Megison