From Boredom to Freedom with Jonny Cooper,

Jonny Cooper joins The Best Business Podcast crew to share the ups and downs, ins and outs of his journey of working for an insurance company (boredom!) to selling his financial services business for $11.2 million pounds (freedom!)

He shares his lead generation strategies and hiring the right people to work in sales for the company. He and his co-founder quickly learned that, while no one was going to be as good as them, even if they were half as good, two sales people were the equivalent of one of them, four were the equivalent of both of them, and everyone after that provided incremental revenue gains.

Listen as he shares the 2 most important tasks for going from a 5-6 figure to 7-8 figure business. Ans how they took the leap from idea to enterprise. The timing of a a perfect storm.

Jonny’s Best Advice: Make yourself redundant. Get out and let people grow the business for, and with you. Delegate. Automate. Advocate.

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