Dr. Sonia talks about a phenomenal, life changing training program that is coming to San Diego. The very same program, that changed the course of her own life 5 years ago, turning her from a “Doctor to a Healer”. Giving her a purpose, drive and passion. And her guest on the show in none other than the man who was instrumental in bringing this change. Not only in Dr. Sonia but in 14,000 other individuals across the globe. Yuvraj Kapadia, who is the founder of EKAA Foundation and of this unique EKAA program in Integrated Hypnotherapy, is the guest.

In the 1st segment, Dr. Sonia and Yuvraj discuss all the unique facets of the EKAA program to understand how it offers cutting-edge techniques to anyone considering a career as a therapist. What makes the program stand out in it’s field and what advantage does it offer to professionals.

In the 2nd segment Dr. Sonia and Yuvraj discuss another unique dimension of this EKAA program as a tool for all those who are in a state of transition in their career or life and are feeling unsettled, unhappy or desire to do something more. The EKAA program’s unique ability to offer a deep understanding of how life operates, and how our understanding of our Mind and harnessing its untapped power offers the key.

For more details of this program that will be jointly conducted by Yuvraj and Dr. Sonia in San Diego from July 8-8 Aug 2019, visit https://www.enso-nia.com

Part 1
Part 2