These two women are bright, articulate and have been active in their community. Mona Rios is a 4th generation resident of National City and a graduate of Sweetwater High School. Mona say she remembers National City as a community where everyone looked out for each other. Georgette Gomez is a first generation Latina and grew up in Barrio Logan. Mona won her first election in 2010 and Georgette in 2016. When her parents cam to the United States they were undocumented. When Georgette’s grandmother passed away the family returned to Mexico a time period Georgette describes as very difficult and she experienced cultural shock. She was in sixth grade when they returned to San Diego. Georgette was “bused out” and graduated from Sierra High School. Mona worked for the Library system under the MAAC project. When Mona married she told her husband to be that she would marry him if he would promise never to move from National City and true to his word they have lived in National City. Georgette’s interest was in urban development and she has worked in a variety of jobs that focused on improving the community. Both women are on the MTS board and Georgette is the first Latina Chairperson for that board. Both women support public transportation and talked about the importance of using this transportation by choice and not by necessity.

1 Growing up and thinking of their future. / 2 The similarities and the difference in their communities. / 3 Working with a male dominated board and learning to work at city Hall. / 4 Term limits and supporting public transportation.