Guest, Allison Cohen, MA MFT

“Every couple I’ve ever seen has expressed the same sentiment; that it feels lonelier being in a relationship with someone they feel disconnected from, than to be single. That disconnect tends to manifest in fewer conversations, less eye contact, less emotional presence, less time together and fewer sexual encounters with each other.”

Find out how that disconnect stems from:

1.Refusing to accept responsibility for your partner’s happiness
2. Challenging your partners opinion by minimizing theirs and treating yours as fact.
3. Not resolving issues in a timely manner or at all.
4. Letting “disagreements” become “arguments” by not listening to what your partner is trying to express and using disrespectful language
5. Forgetting the importance of adding novelty to your life
6. A low emotional bank account

Listen in and learn how You can improve the situation.

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