Leading in Times of COVID-19

Peggy taps into people’s advice again—this week taking a closer look at how managers and business owners can continue to operate in these times and how they will need to inspire and equip their workers.

She also discusses:

Four universal needs during times of crises.
The importance of productivity and work flexibility.
Advice specifically for chief technology officers.


Companies that Work

Peggy talks about the companies that are continuing to work during the COVID-19 pandemic, giving tips for essential workers on how to stay safe and productive during the pandemic.

She also:

Defines critical infrastructure and who is an essential worker.
What construction companies are doing during this time.
Advice for industries, such as construction, that might need to continue working.


Cars and the Era of 5G

Peggy and Roger Lanctot, director, automotive connected mobility, global automotive practice, Strategy Analytics, talk about 5G in the automotive industry. He says, in the world of 5G, cars will be able to talk to each other and avoid crashes.

They also discuss:

The evolutions of connectivity in the car, starting with the early days of OnStar.
The impact COVID-19 will have on connectivity in cars, if any.
How expectations of connectivity in cars are changing.


1 Leading in Times of COVID-19
2 Companies that Work
3 Cars and the Era of 5G