Welcome to a very actionable This Week in Marking podcast!

Our guest this week is Alan Bush, the VP of Strategy of Ignite Visibility, and the topic is Reputation Management. We will cover a variety of aspects of reputation management including, platforms, outreach campaigns, SEO value, and more! Check out the segment review below and please listen to the show!

Reputation Management Show Recap

Segment 1: We discuss Ignite visibility and Alan’s role as VP of Strategy. We also get into a brief discussion about the actual business value behind reputation management. There is a difference between personal brand reputation management and company brand reputation management and business owners should be sure to focus on both!

Alan talks about knowem.com, a tool to find social media handles. Some other tools to help with reputation and social media management:

  • Hootsuite, social media management and review tracking tool
  • Ifttt.com, automation tool to connect various devices and platforms
  • Google Alerts, track mentions of your brand or name

Segment 2: The second segment starts with a discussion about when to hire someone to focus on reputation management. Alan discusses the importance of reviews for SEO and the differences between local and national rankings. We also touch on how to put reviews on your website to improve rankings overall.

Segment 3: We start segment three talking about how responding to reviews impacts SEO (it helps, according to Google). We then dive into strategies for responding to negative reviews.

Spoiler alert: After responding, take the discussion offline and find a resolution. Alan also touches on how Ignite Visibility sets up outreach campaigns to get new reviews and build your reputation. Alan suggests picking the top 3 review platforms based on your industry and focusing on “earning the reviews” there. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

Segment 4: In the final segment, we cover the basics of challenges that businesses will face and how to overcome them. Be smart, focused, and don’t be afraid to respond to both positive and negative reviews. We also touch on how to deal with reviews that are showing up on branded search results. Happy listening!


About the Hosts: 

Sam Wheeler: Sam is the co-host of AMA San Diego’s This Week in Marketing podcast and a marketing expert (or so he thinks). He has supported businesses with their marketing efforts in several countries and has worked with some of the world’s largest brands, and some of the smallest. His current projects include supporting the car dealerships like Delray’s Mercedes Benz and several other interesting brands like Fog Coast Productions.

Kevin Svec: Kevin is the co-host of This Week in Marketing and a content manager with E2M Solutions. He recently started his own travel blog and loves to write about his adventures. His most recent post is about traveling to Europe in Spring. Check it out here.