01 AT&T Smart-City Framework
Peggy says AT&T has been talking about how it is positioning itself in the smart-cities space, as it is building a framework to connect cities. She explains sensors can help cities manage public safety, and next-gen communication can help multiple agencies coordinate efforts.
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02 Making a City Smart
Alex Herceg, analyst, Lux Research, says in terms of privacy some of the data and devices can listen to things we are saying and know where people are in a retail store, and we need consumers to understand what the privacy implications are. He says to make a city smart you first have to understand the DNA of that city and the people.

03 Next Level Security
Krish Kupathil, CEO, Mobiliya Technologies, says security cannot be stressed enough when it comes to IoT (Internet of Things). He explains security and encryption of data over these secure networks becomes important, with the next level becoming security audits.

04 Open Data in Smart-Cities
Peggy says with the IoT it is all about the data and one of the big things we see in the city of Chicago is it is all about the data. In smart cities, the data is often not open—it is there, but residents have to work to find it.