It’s my pleasure to re-introduce a guest who’s been with us before, and I’m delighted to say he’s a friend – DR. CLEVE STEVENS.

Cleve is a social ethicist and leadership development consultant. He is president of Los Angeles-based Owl Sight Intentions. He is the author of an important book, THE BEST IN US: People, Profit and the Remaking of Modern Leadership
Dr. Stevens has been published in places like TIME, Forbes, The Christian Science Monitor and Harvard Business Review. These by-lined articles are available at the book’s website, www.TheBestInUsbook.com. Cleve has his Masters of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. in social ethics and leadership development from the University of Southern California.

Dr. Cleve Stevens provides leaders a blueprint founded within a legitimately transformative vision for a more humane and results-driven way of doing business. He advocates for PEOPLE ABOVE PROFITS. And he demonstrates how and why the net result is expansion — and soaring profits as the unavoidable by-product.

1 Can business be humane AND profitable?
2 What are we missing?
3 "Four Things Employees Need from People" (Harvard Business Review)
4 "Why Shareholder Value Shouldn't Be Our Only Value (TIME Magazine)