Kourtney Mitchell is a writer and activist living in Boston, MA. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Veterans For Peace, the world’s largest veterans anti-war organization. Kourtney co-authored The Enemy in Blue: The Renatta Frazier Story, a book chronicling his mother’s fight against racism. He spent four years assisting with anti-violence and pro-feminist organizing on campus. He spent three years as an infantry soldier in the Georgia Army National Guard. Kourtney’s work focuses on pro-feminist theory and action for men. Working in both educational and community settings, he has helped train hundreds of young men and women in violence prevention.

Kourtney is a proud pro-feminist man on a mission to liberate both men and women from the oppression of women and girls. His work takes him into university classrooms and other institutions, where he builds awareness about the dangers of patriarchy. Kourtney wants to see an end to all forms of violence women and children. In our interview, he shares simply and impactful ways men can support this vision.

1 Our Gendered Problem
2 Becoming a Profeminist Man
3 Porn, Power, and Masculine Privilege
4 Men and Women - A Partnering for Liberation