What you don’t own in life owns you. This episode I let you in to a day in the life of a “Perfectionist”. As I share vulnerably, I hope to normalize your experience of whatever it is in life you struggle with. Mine happens to be the need for perfection and how OCD really can control everything that I do. In each segment we touch on thought changing small shifts you can take with you to apply first hand.

Maybe it is not the need for perfection? Maybe it is something more like control? Listen with an ear for how there is something for you here too! Expand your level of consciousness and explore the pause. That tiny split second between what is happening and being the observer of how you process it. In that moment is where you can choose to break up the predictable pattern and change your outcome.

1 Controlled By the Need for Perfection
2 How Does It Feel?
3 Listening In and Do Something
4 Be in the moment and own it