1 Construction through the Years
Peggy takes a look back at the evolution of technology on the job-site and says the IoT has incited operational changes in the way contractors can get things done. She explains how the introduction of smartphones, apps, and tablets has continued to integrate data more efficiently from the office to jobsite, with much more growth on the way, thanks to new educational sources and the initiative toward a standard data protocol.
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2 Leading with Data
Benjamin Hubbard, director of sales, Cloud EPC, talks about how contractors can discern between leading and lagging data in order to notice deviations from set metrics that will tackle issues at the root cause. He says the cloud has become so integrated into our mindset when it comes to technology and says it can further be used to reduce costs, accelerate deployment, update features, and work from anywhere.
3 Sensing Equipment
Dale Beard, CEO, Intelliwave Technologies, talks about how sensor technology is being used to locate lost or misplaced materials and equipment, which can cause major delays in commercial and residential projects. He says the acceptance and commercialization of sensors has drastically altered the way materials are managed along with enhancing uptime, refocusing management, cutting order costs, and maintaining safety.
4 Roadmap to Connected Infrastructure
Peggy takes a look at the Public Policy Roadmap and how the IoT will be used to tackle new transportation and infrastructure projects set forth by the new administration. She says as major metropolitan cities become more tech driven, construction professional must be prepared and educated in the newest connect solutions set to rebuild America.