As an alternative to investing in just real estate, commercial stocks, bonds and mutual funds, there are many exciting companies based in San Diego looking for venture money. You can attempt to do the research yourself into finding the best opportunities, and assessing the risk, or you can invest with a venture fund that does the research & due diligence for you.

Listen as R. J. Kelly interviews one of San Diego’s leading venture fund investors/advisors, Terry Moore, of Moore Venture Partners (, MVP is one of the few remaining active venture investors left in SD. Why? Also, Mark McWilliams, CEO of Medipacs, Inc. ( Medipacs is an emergent medical device delivery company and Mark has a long pedigree in the venture space.

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1 What is "venture investing" and how is it different from other forms of investing?
2 What is the current availability of investment capital in San Diego? Plenty - or not enough?
3 What opportunities exist to invest, and what are the risks to consider?
4 What should you ask before investing in emerging technology?