Two local Chicanos, Albert Pulido and Rigorberto “Rigo” Reyes will discuss the book they wrote about the history of low riders, in San Diego and Tijuana Interesting that in the 70’s and 80’s car clubs were international. Cruising not only Highland Ave in National City and Playas de Tijuana in Mexico There are 8 qualities of car club members as well as “rules” when they were allowed to display the plaque that represented their club. Most people do not think of preserving the history of low riders however in the Chicano community there is a lot of history of the many aspects of the car clubs. The Catholic priest ( el padre del barrio) Father Brown blessed the cars which also gave the clubs a certain credibility. There are also stories about the “adventures” of Car clubs such as a young man who did not have the necessary material to repair a tent and being innovative use masa (tamale dough) to repair a dent. To this day that young man is known as Masa. In 1979 a group of women formed a ladies car club. Rigo was also a member of a group that presented about car clubs in Japan.

1 Why write about Low Riders?
2 Tell us about the books. Who are these stories about? Women car clubs.
3 Working with the police, Father Brown and helping our community.
4 Low rider bikes . Low riders in Japan. Purchasing the book.