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What Is Your WHAT? Wednesday
Your Pre-Sent Future

Do you have the ability to create your own future?

Steve sparks a poignant discussion about living in the moment and not allowing past experiences to blind you to what’s happening right now. The Pre-Sent Future is all about being in charge of, and creating, the next moment in your life.

He goes on to share the analogy of the Pre-Sent Future being like a treadmill where you’re working toward your goals, objectives, desires, and dreams as you walk through life. You’re either reliving your past or creating your future.

Can you really live in the present moment?


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Soul-full Sunday
The Soul Of Your Gut

Mary leads the discussion around looking into your internal desires and how you can achieve going down the right path. Your soul’s caling will plants the seed of your desires.

Your soul is who you are. Your personality is what you want others to see you as. You are not your personality, your personality is your soul in action.

It is necessary to give yourself space. Contentment is overrated.

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